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Estimated Costs for the Custom Curious

Custom Pricing : Welcome


Due to high demand and the amount of time that pet portraits require, I only release a couple of portrait slots at a time. I announce release dates on Instagram at least a week before the actual release, in which I will offer up to 5 pet portrait slots. When the release date and time comes around, claiming a spot will happen in the comments section and will be on a first come, first serve basis so that it is fair to everyone. Also, please note, if you would like more than one portrait, you have to specify that as each slot means one portrait only. Requesting one slot equates to a single portrait. 

Custom Pricing : Text


House portrait pricing varies depending on the size of the hoop and the detail of the house (whether it is brick and whether a lot of landscaping detail is added). Text is included in the costs.

6-inch hoop simple house/house portrait ornament: $200

6-inch hoop brick/landscaping: $250 and up

8-inch hoop simple house: $300

8-inch hoop brick/landscaping: $500 and up

Custom Pricing : Text


Mobiles and Wall Hangings are the hardest to price until I have a conversation with the customer. First, we discuss theme and color palette. Then I have to order the poms to go with the mobile or wall hanging. I have to add up the cost of all of the materials and then estimate the number of hours of labor. Mobiles and wall hangings average $125 but can go up to $200 depending on size and complexity. I do not offer pet portrait mobiles unless the pets are more of a cartoon version.

Custom Pricing : Text


These vary the most because there are a lot of factors that affect pricing: size, amount of text, complexity and whether or not I need to come up with a new design rather than pull from my existing templates. On the low end, ornaments are $15. Larger and more complex ones can go up to $50. ***Portrait ornaments are NOT included in this price bracket**

Custom Pricing : Text


If you have any questions or concerns about placing a custom order, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always happy to help!

Custom Pricing : Text
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